When you’ve moved in

Council Tax

You will need to tell the council that you have moved in so that you can begin to pay Council Tax. The amount you pay is based on the value of the property in which you live (whether you’re renting or buying) and is based on two people living there. If you live alone you will receive a 25 per cent discount.

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Electoral register

You should also add yourself to the electoral register. Although you might not intend to vote, many companies will check the electoral register when you apply to borrow money or enter into other financial contracts (such as buying a mobile phone). Each time you move home you will need to re-register. You can register online and you will need your National Insurance number.

Register online to vote

Utility companies

Make sure you tell the utility companies (gas, electricity, water, telephone) the date that you moved in. Also, as soon as you move in take meter readings so that you are not paying for energy used by the previous occupant/tenant. It is their responsibility to make sure that this is paid. It is useful to take a photograph of the meter readings in case there is any dispute.

If you find that you are unable to pay bills, such as gas or electricity, you should let the companies know as soon as possible.

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Home insurance

If you are moving into a rented property it is your responsibility to insure your belongings (contents insurance). It is your landlord’s responsibility to insure the building (buildings insurance).

Driving licence

If you have a driving licence you must let the DVLA know that you have a new address.

Update your address online

TV licence

You will also need a TV licence. If you already have a licence you will need to let TV Licensing know your new address. Even if you do not have a television, you now need a television licence to watch BBC television programmes on another device (phone, tablet, computer, games console).

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